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THE WORLD'S BEST MEATBALLS - We pick the tastiest around the globe


“Mega Meatballs. Total Sensory Overkill”


“How Takeaways Got Posh”


Inspiration Interview


There’s a life lesson here in how to succeed: focus your time and energy on one thing you love”

“It seems there is no event that isn’t improved by the addition of meatballs.”


THE MEATBALL COOKBOOK: Great Balls of Fire. By Jez Felwick. (Mitchell Beazley, $19.99.) If it’s round, the Bowler food truck in London will give it a whirl. Despite the title, the 70 recipes include fish balls and veg balls along with truck classics like lamb, goat cheese and caramelized onion balls.


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Shortlisted for BBC Radio 4’s Food & Farming Awards



“London street food: a guide to the best stalls" Click Image



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